Personal career and business planning

The Personal Career and Business Planning services are based on the notion of individualpreneurship. An individualpreneur develops multiple income streams from many sources. Thus, the individualpreneur is better hedged against uncertain economic, regulatory, and social conditions than those individuals who rely upon primarily on one source of income. The various income streams form an individual’s own enterprise (the “individualprise”), which is summarized on the personal tax return.

Active sources of income include the delivery of services through employment, consulting, freelancing, or referrals, or from sales of products and/or services through a business. Passive sources of income include affiliate marketing, network marketing, rents, royalties, dividends, interest, and capital gains. The mix may change over time depending upon economic conditions, and it is best to be diversified.

Net worth is built from both active and passive sources. Ideally, net worth built from passive sources is the more desirable, especially when it produces excess income. Net worth is the difference between an individual’s assets (what is owed from others and owned) and liabilities (what is owed to others).

Wealth is an abundance of valuable assets that produce excess income.

Personal career and business plans are based upon determining personal and professional opportunities, threats, and plans, and having a personal financial plan that builds sufficient wealth to maintain or enhance a desired lifestyle.


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